Height Controller for Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4, Range Rover Sport & Range Rover Vogue (MY2007+)

Off-road mode + Llams High                                      Llams kit

The Llams electronic air suspension height controller allows selection of off-road and high-speed heights at any speed. Sand, tracks and high-crown outback roads can now be driven at either full off-road height or a lesser 30 mm raised height without the normal 50 kph speed restriction then return to on-road height when conditions are suitable.  Raised by 30 mm provides improved ride on rough tracks due to more bump-stop clearance.  High speed lowered height provides improved on-road handling without the usual high speed requirement and when used with Access mode it provides improved access for young children and the mobility-impaired.

Height options are LOW (either high speed -20 mm or -35 mm selected during calibration), MEDIUM (+30 mm) and HIGH (off-road height) when used in normal height mode.  Use of HIGH with Off-road mode provides approximately super-extended mode height which has the usual Off-road mode speed restriction.  Extra low special mode can be used on later model vehicles for minimum height to drive under low objects.  Extra high special mode is provided to regain Off-road height if the suspension lowers due to an ABS or steering angle fault.

The controller is supplied as a plug-in kit for vehicles fitted with Terrain Response.  It contains a controller module, height switch with LED and lead, a special mode switch and lead, a wiring harness with plugs to connect between the vehicle’s harnesses and the suspension ecu and a loop-back plug for use if the module is temporarily removed.  Whilst the module is not tied to a particular vehicle, it must be calibrated to a vehicle before use due to the various implementations of the suspension system even in same vehicle models.

Links to installation instructions:

Discovery 3  Loom and module installation

Switch installation and module calibration

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or email sales@llams.com.au

Video courtesy of Dan Wilkinson